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AusVELS Structure

AusVELS provides a single curriculum for levels F-10 that incorporates the Australian Curriculum as it is progressively developed within a framework that reflects particular Victorian priorities and approaches to teaching and learning (F is the abbreviation for ‘Foundation’ which is now the common term agreed to by all States and Territories to refer to the first level of school for curriculum design purposes). AusVELS has been designed to ensure that schools and teachers are not required to manage two different curriculum and reporting frameworks during the development of the Australian Curriculum.

The AusVELS website provides the F-10 curriculum for Victorian government and Catholic schools and is available to all independent schools as a model and resource for the effective implementation of the Australian Curriculum. For curriculum planning, teaching and assessment resources, curriculum consultation information, and professional learning opportunities, please see the AusVELS Resources and Support material on the VCAA website.

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