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Health and Physical Education

  1. 8

Level 8

Learning focus

As students work towards the achievement of Level 8 standards in Health and Physical Education, they develop and refine a range of movement and manipulative skills; for example, gymnastics routines and high-level ball skills such as shooting a basket in basketball or spiking a volleyball. They participate in a variety of team and individual games and activities, using and building on skills and strategies from other sports as well as continuing to develop new, sport-specific, skills.

Students develop their swimming stroke techniques and proficiency in a range of water safety skills as they participate within an aquatic environment. This could include: swimming for a continuous distance of 150 metres, changing between freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke or survival backstroke; and while...

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Movement and physical activity

At Level 8, students proficiently perform complex movement and manipulative skills. Students measure their own fitness and physical activity levels and identify factors that influence motivation to be physically active. They maintain regular participation in moderate to vigorous physical activity and analyse and evaluate their level of involvement in physical activity. They combine motor skills, strategic thinking and tactical knowledge to improve individual and team performance.

Health knowledge and promotion

At Level 8, students describe the physical, emotional and social changes that occur as a result of the adolescent stage of the lifespan and the factors that influence their own development. They describe the effect of family and community expectations on the development of personal identity and values. They identify outcomes of risk-taking behaviours and evaluate harm-minimisation strategies. They identify the health concerns of young people and the strategies that are designed to improve their health. They describe the health resources, products and services available for young people and consider how they could be used to improve health. They analyse a range of influences on personal and family food selection, and identify major nutritional needs for growth and activity.

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